We have been working with the TIG team since 2004, helping the company build an impressive profile in the control, integration and lifestyle electronics sectors. TIG is the exclusive sales agent for Crestron in EMEA, which is the leading brand in control, automation and energy management. It can be found in a breath-taking array of markets, helping to create connected homes, fully operational and energy efficient businesses, inspiring educational complexes and many more.

Lifestyle Electronics

Crestron builds the solutions that integrate technology in residential and commercial settings, worldwide. Its automation and control solutions for homes and buildings let people control entire environments at their fingertips (or remotely) with the swipe of a screen, the push of a button, integrating systems such as AV, lighting, entertainment, shading, security, BMS and HVAC to provide greater comfort, convenience and security. All of Crestron’s products are designed and built to work together as a complete system, enabling users to monitor, manage and control everything from one reliable and easy to use platform.

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