We began life in 1994, with the ambition to create a communications business that valued imagination, quality and people. Added inspiration came from Paul Weller, whose song of that era gave the company its name. Authentic voice, clarity and the way it connects with its audience. We’re big fans of that! Much has changed since this time. But our vision remains the same.

We’re now a multi award-winning team, with a rich blend of experience and know-how, from PR to social, from podcasts to video and from research and analytics to branding, media training, reputation management and more. Because we believe in results as well as in people, our clients stay with us for campaign after campaign. So, do our staff who we invest in and support to grow and develop their careers. The imagination and quality of the work that we do and the service that we provide is at the heart of the success that we, and our clients, have enjoyed. And, it’s delivered by bright, intelligent and talented people who care, and are committed to making their expertise count.