As you may have heard, the UK voted to leave the EU…

Every commentator from here to Brussels has speculated on what our relationship with the EU will look like when we leave, the impact on the UK economy of leaving, and whether the Leave campaign will be able to keep all of its promises. The long, uncertain road to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU begins.

Coping with Brexit

For Wildwood PR, however, the future is clear. Our future lies internationally, to continue working productively with our many clients from the EU and other countries around the world. International business has been a key driver in our rapid expansion over the last few years and we fully intend to continue growing our portfolio of international clients. In fact,Barclays Bank recently recognised the impressive growth in our international business, featuring Wildwood PR in a case study on SMEs who are successfully exporting their services overseas.

Despite the uncertainty and concern generated by Brexit, the growth in our international clients shows no signs of slowing. We recently began working with US-based Infocomm International, an influential trade association supporting the AV industry, to help them grow their profile among top IT professionals. Oblong Industries, pioneers of gesture-controlled work solutions, is another American client that has recently expanded activity with Wildwood, heading up its European campaign. Added to our already impressive roster of international clients this growth shows that we are in a strong position to continue to provide a truly international service.

One of our most well-recognised clients, Panasonic, is a clear demonstration of our capacity to work effectively across borders. Working with a marketing team based in France, Germany and Spain, we help to co-ordinate PR campaigns across Europe, successfully taking in Scandinavia, the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe.

Whatever form the deal the government makes with the EU takes, the UK will have to take an internationalist approach to business if the economy is to strengthen and grow. Everyone reading this blog knows how effective technology has been at breaking down borders, in fact even as I write this, two of my colleagues are on a conference call with an American client. Technology can be a phenomenally powerful tool in helping businesses, whether inside or outside the EU, take advantage of new, international business opportunities.

Now is the time, more than ever, for British businesses, large and small, to be outward-looking and adventurous in growing their international presence.

We believe this approach is key, both for Wildwood and the UK, in remaining competitive and successful. It is only by embracing international opportunities, in whatever form they take, that businesses can grow and become successful. As an already internationally-focused agency, Wildwood is well-placed to deliver proactive and effective PR & Communications Services on both the domestic and international stages.