By Oscar Martin 

Meridian Audio, the pioneers of high resolution audio, hosted a ‘Distributed by Meridian Day’ at its UK headquarters in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire on the 28th of June, and I was lucky enough to be invited to experience the event first-hand. Still being fairly new to the Wildwood team, this was my first time visiting Meridian HQ and meeting the Meridian team. I was excited to take part in the workshop whilst simultaneously gaining a further understanding of Meridian.

The ‘Distributed by Meridian Day’ introduced me to Barco Residential and Display Technologies, two of the partner brands distributed by Meridian. The layout for the day was excellent, featuring three separate sessions on Meridian’s distributed brands, with demonstrations and hands-on product showcases. By hosting these sessions in Meridian’s dedicated Reference Digital Theatre and media room, it gave an extra special something to the event. These are fantastic spaces to see the products in action and get a real sense of all the brands working together, in two completely different set-ups.

Integrators were involved throughout the discussions, showing their eagerness and desire to learn. Naturally I didn’t contribute in any group discussions being a man of PR, but I eagerly watched and listened, happy to see an event work so efficiently. Each talk by Barco Residential and Display Technologies was informative and interesting, another key aspect to the success of ‘Distributed by Meridian Day’.

At lunch, it was nice to socialise with the integrators and finally meet the Meridian team face-to-face. They Meridian are a friendly, welcoming bunch. They made me feel comfortable and relaxed, making it easy to socialise and connect with all of them. The Meridian team is extremely passionate about their products, and it rubbed off on everyone who attended.

When the event came to an end, it felt fulfilling, but it wasn’t quite done for me. Katy Bradshaw, Director of Marketing at Meridian, had a surprise in store. Katy showed me the factory at the heart of Meridian. At first, I didn’t know they developed their own products at the headquarters, but when she told me they did… let’s just say I was ecstatic to see more! I first visited where they measured the sound and configured each speaker to create that perfect, crisp audio that Meridian is known for. Contained in this room was a separate section which looked incredible. It’s hard to describe exactly what I was looking at (it reminded me of the fifth dimension from Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar), but it created a silent void designed for perfecting sound. There’s a extremely limited amount of these in the UK, reinforcing Meridian as a truly unique audio company.

To finish off the factory tour, I had the chance to see Meridian speakers being hand crafted… that’s right, they are made entirely by hand! The first word that popped in my head was organic. Everything about Meridian felt fresh and nurtured. Meridian’s products have always been one of the best in the industry, but the love and care I witnessed made me certain that nobody’s as passionate as Meridian.

Events like this one are incredibly beneficial for not only the companies themselves, but also for PR professionals to develop client knowledge further and built relationships with the client and their customers. It gives us a chance to network with integrators and develop a stronger understanding of what’s going on in the industry today.  You never know who you might meet at an event who can help you in some way, and it’s all about making connections.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Meridian and can’t wait for the next event. Thanks for having me guys.

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