By Melissa Baker

A state-of-the-art cinema screening of Deadpool, endless amounts of pizza and great company – what more could we want?

We recently took a trip up to the AWE Smart Apartment in Epsom, Surrey to experience the latest smart home products for ourselves. Filled from bottom to top with the latest AV solutions, the Smart Apartment is the perfect option for dealers and their customers to truly experience what can be achieved in a real-life space.

First up on the agenda, we were taken on a tour around the showroom, led by Stuart Tickle, Managing Director at AWE, and James Drummie, Product Manager at AWE. Both Stuart and James shared their in-depth knowledge and understanding of the impressive brand portfolio, from the latest TVs from Panasonic, LG, Samsung and Sony, the impressive URC Total Control and Complete Control home automation systems, and the wide variety of audio solutions from Definitive Technology Denon and Marantz and KEF, to name just a few.

As part of this tour, we were shown the different uses and options available depending on room size, budget and personal taste. AWE’s main cinema demonstrates the capabilities of a high-end home cinema, whilst its new, additional reference grade space shows what can be achieved on a more modest budget. As well as this, the music room acts as a dedicated listening space, demonstrating the audio experience in a lifelike environment with different speaker options available. The other show areas are constantly updated with the latest tech available – there’s even a foosball table for the ultimate laid-back, homely feel.

It’s all good talking to customers about your products and solutions, and the best options on the market for your project. But being able to experience it is another matter.

This is where the showroom comes in. A try before you buy for the AV world. In an age dominated by online purchasing and virtual consumption, the dedicated showroom space offers a unique opportunity to showcase creative technology solutions and grow brand identity, whilst at the same time giving customers a space to interact with the products in a relaxed, ‘just-like-home- environment.

More than a simple display of products, a showroom is a space that feels like your own. It’s immersive and memorable. A space that you can feel relaxed in and imagine the solutions in your own home. What’s more, a showroom keeps customers coming back, eager for the next big thing. With technology constantly developing and improving, there’s always something new and exciting to see, and AWE are always one step ahead of the AV game.