When you choose a career in PR you never quite know what your working week will look like. At Wildwood, we work with a variety of clients with lots of exciting ideas. You might have urgent editorials to research and write, press releases to draft, social media calendars to update, events to attend, journalists to meet with. Or, you might just find yourself doing a photoshoot in field with some showbiz stars!

Just another day ‘in the office’

On this occasion, the stars were furry and had four legs. They say ‘never work with children or animals’, but this theory doesn’t fit when you’re working with dogs from Stunt Dogs and Animals. These well-trained TV personalities were the stars of a ‘dog tricks’ editorial shoot, organised for our client Arden Grange.

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Gill Raddings and her team

It was my first experience of working with animals and it was glorious! As a dog-lover, I was in my element. I had a blast art-directing while Lauren, from our media production team, set to work shooting.

Checking camera angles on the dog tricks shoot

Gill Raddings is the training guru behind Stunt Dogs and Animals. Her credits include Pirates of the Caribbean, After Life (see if you can spot the canine star here), The Duchess, Eastenders (remember, Wellard?) and many more. With Gill and her team supporting us, we were able to shoot nine step-by-step tricks. We even had time to stop of a cup of tea and a cuddle with the dogs.

There are many reasons why I chose PR as my career. The thrill of scoring great coverage, sharing campaign results with delighted clients, meeting inspirational people. Now I can add ‘working with dogs’ to the roster. Tick!

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