My First Week at Wildwood

by Phoebe Bula

Last week I joined the lovely Wildwood team as a PR Account Executive. Despite my inevitable nerves I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week. Tanya and the Wildwood team have been so welcoming, and I have had the chance to get involved with lots of exciting activities!

My Week
On Monday I went on a photoshoot alongside my colleague Sam to visit an outdoor sound system integration in the most beautiful garden. We met with a freelance photographer and were taken on a tour to visit various zones within the garden that had been fitted out with professional audio. There was plenty of technical jargon to absorb but the trip was hugely beneficial as I was able to see a client’s case study up close.

Sam and I on my first day

Later in the week I travelled up to London alongside colleagues Jeff and Lauren. We visited an old biscuit factory in Bermondsey that has been transformed into an office space called Cocoa Studios. Its exterior now made up of entirely of Vandersanden Herning bricks. I observed as Jeff and Lauren conducted an interview and video shoot with the architect who designed the office space. I learnt why it was that he had chosen to use Vandersanden bricks on this project.

The Cocoa Studios

Learning the Ropes
This week I have also been taught by the team to use software like Vuelio and Meltwater, both of which are essential for my role as a PR Account Exec. I had a chance to write a press release, and I also had time to leaf through magazines and press coverage for the variety of client accounts that I will be working on.

My first week at Wildwood has been so exciting and the team have made me feel very welcome. I look forward to seeing what the next few months have in store as I progress in my new role as a PR Account Exec!

It’s a Dog’s Life in PR!

When you choose a career in PR you never quite know what your working week will look like. At Wildwood, we work with a variety of clients with lots of exciting ideas. You might have urgent editorials to research and write, press releases to draft, social media calendars to update, events to attend, journalists to meet with. Or, you might just find yourself doing a photoshoot in field with some showbiz stars!

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Online Events – How to Avoid a Virtual Calamity

We’ve all had to adapt quickly to virtual working, learning and socialising this year. Honing our collective online dexterity so that we can effortlessly jump into seminars, performances, conferences and even exhibitions – all from the comfort of our homes. While face-to-face interaction and live events will never go away, virtual events offer a great alternative for connecting with industry peers and customers. In the future, hybrid event programmes (a mix of virtual and live audiences) will be commonplace – there’s no better time to learn the ropes!

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We Support Design Havens for Heroes

Design Havens for Heroes is a charity initiative launched by interior designer, Francesca Rowan-Plowden to bring together an inspiring community of talent from the interior design field. The aim is to create room makeover “havens” for accredited NHS key workers who have been working on the front line during the COVID-19 crisis, and who will, undoubtedly, need the benefit of rest and calm in their own homes, after dealing with the emotional and physical demands of tackling the pandemic.

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