Podcasts are a powerful medium to reach consumer and niche B2B audiences. We create concepts, then can manage, script, present, edit and distribute programmes that talk directly and professionally to your customers. Our expertise extends to sponsorship sales and messaging and the provision of detailed analytics to help you build and grow your audience over time. With a background in radio production and live performance, our podcast specialists are ready to help you create quality content that supports brand and business objectives.

The Integrated Home

In a new series of podcasts, Jeff Hayward hosts “The Integrated Home”; a series of conversations examining the UK home integration business. Jeff will be speaking to business owners, technicians and industry insiders who understand the challenges and the opportunities facing those working in the professional smart home space.

Guests draw on their own, very real experiences to share their thoughts and ideas on what’s happening now, the business trends that matter and what’s important to build and maintain a successful integration business.

For an informative and entertaining perspective on the home integration business, tune into “The Integrated Home” brought to you by Wildwood, the people who connect the professional home integration community.

Listen to The Integrated Home Podcast

The Interior Design Business Podcast

“The Interior Design Business” is a new, business-focused podcast series set up to offer best practice guidance, engaging insights and expert advice for professional interior designers. It is a monthly business podcast from the people who connect the professional interior design community, Wildwood, produced in partnership with Alfi Media. The team behind the series has many years’ experience in live performance and a track record in programming and producing shows for BBC Radio 4, 5 Live and others. “The Interior Design Business” is available free from Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and other popular audio on-demand services.

Each episode will provide designer-led content that’s entertaining, informative and very easy for other designers to access, when they’re on the move, or with a spare half hour to tune in at home or in the office. The series itself will also serve as a networking platform, hosting events to bring designers together in industry showrooms throughout the year.

Listen to The Interior Design Business Podcast