Many companies offer training to their customers and clients, but this is mostly conducted face to face but currently that is not possible. Now, is the perfect time to look at turning your training into virtual training.

Training can be run as live webinars or changed into pre-recorded training sessions that people can listen to when they have time.

We can help you convert your training into an online offering.

The package includes:

  • Working with you to establish what training will work virtually
  • Working with you to create a presentation / webinar
  • Think about ways customers can sign up to attend the training in order to capture their data
  • Will attendees achieve a certification if they attend the course?
  • Work with you to create a place for the training to sit on the website
  • Publicise the training:
    • Press content
    • Social media content on the company’s platforms
  • Work with you to follow up with people who attended the training

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