From art classes to yoga studios and Zumba lessons – people are learning to pivot their businesses to provide virtual services – learn how to accept payments, register people and deliver online classes through our interactive advice sessions.

Fundamentally, we are all missing is social interaction. For many of us working in all different areas, networking events have been a hugely useful way to grow our business, build relationships and develop new contacts.

We will help you set up virtual meetings or events for your team, your customers or new audiences.

The package includes:

  • Working with you to set up and run a ZOOM meeting
  • Teach you about the functions and opportunities
  • Help with planning for your first session or event
  • Support you with registrations (if required)
  • Advise on billing platforms if you decided to charge for your event / class (if required)  
  • Promote the events via your website and/or social media (if required)

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