We are in unprecedented and unsettling times – and there is much that we cannot control.  However, one of the things that you can control is your online presence – and now could be a good time to refresh your website.  

Marketeers aften say, “a website is never finished”, and we know that can be true!  A website should reflect your business, its ethos, and the evolution that happens naturally. Whilst a new website could be a significant investment, there are a number of ways you can refresh your existing content for a fresh, new look and feel or, more importantly, to help reach new customers.

Don’t forget to review your content regularly, check that it still hits the right note in the changing times – especially now – and adjust to fit.

However, if you don’t have the time or want to go deeper, let us help with our straightforward Web Refresh Package. 

What’s included?  

  • Complete audit: We’ll talk to you to find out your business needs and concerns, person-to-person. Then, we’ll have a look at how your website is performing behind the scenes using Google Analytics. From this research, we’ll provide recommendations to make your website work harder for you.  
  • Website copy: With user experience at the front of our minds, our team of experts will assist you with written content that is tailored to your audience. By updating existing copy and creating additional content, we’ll be able to draw in a new group of visitors to your website.  
  • SEO: We’ll make sure the foundations of SEO are in place to attract your key audiences – to encourage return visits and attract new visitors.  

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