By Megan Collyer, Account Executive at Wildwood PR

As I’m sure you aware from the flurry of activity on our website so far this year, Wildwood is officially 25. In celebration of our 25th year we’ve been planning exciting activities and fundraising events to make the most of our company’s very special birthday.

An internal activity that we all enjoyed was creating a team playlist: Click here to listen

I approached every member of the team, and asked them to select song along with a brief reason why they chose it. It could be a song with special meaning, or perhaps a song that made them think of Wildwood… following on from this, I thought it would be a lovely idea to share a couple of the best ones below:

Tanya Houston – Founder and Managing Director “The Cranberries – Zombie. Back in the late 90’s we were working for a media organisation, we had a torrid day at an emotionally draining show, not a success as visitors just hadn’t made the trip to Stoneleigh (yep – check it out and you’ll see why) anyway, got in the car with the client to drive to a hospitality event we were holding at Warwick Castle. I turned the engine on, and the client and I were blasted with Dolores Riordan’s chorus ZOMBIE ZOMBIE EE EE EE – and it was soooooo apt!”

Oliver Berrow – Account Manager “Club Can’t Handle Me, by Flo Rida. This song reminds me of a particular incident at a Wildwood party… it’s probably best I don’t elaborate any further!”

Samantha Ward – Senior Account Manager “Babies by Pulp. In my 3.5 years here, the Wildwood family have been 100% supportive of my own little family… firstly when I (rather embarrassingly) fell pregnant just two weeks after my start date. After my maternity leave, I was welcomed back onto exciting clients and given the opportunity to grow within my role – as a result landing some of the best coverage of my PR career.”

Molly Barnes – Account Executive “Sunny Afternoon, The Kinks. I went to see the Kinks musical a couple of weeks before I started, and it’s been stuck in my head every day since and always reminds me of summer.”

Jeff Hayward – Director “Brimful of Asha by Cornershop. This song always seemed to be on the radio when driving to and from meetings in Guildford with one of our early clients… Reminds me of the A281!”

Jenny Parker – Account Director “The Macarena, because it reminds me of celebrating Becky’s CIPR award win and finding ourselves on the dancefloor doing the world’s most ridiculous dance.”

John Houston – Director “Glycerine – Bush, it’s from 1994, the year Wildwood was founded (and my fate was sealed as a PR person) and a friend went on to rock stardom in a 20 million selling band! (he was the drummer in Bush).”

Melissa Baker – Account Manager “Muse – Time is Running Out. It was played to me as a demo the first time I visited Meridian HQ, and it was the first time I’d heard anything being played in a dedicated home cinema set up before… it also describes every last-minute deadline request!”

Rosie Lincoln – PR Intern “Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home. The first live music performance I ever went to see, I don’t think anyone can feel down whilst listening to this song, always a go to happy song. Also, Wildwood has sort of become my second home the last few months, you’ve all made me feel so very welcome 😊”

If you want to have a listen to our 25th birthday playlist and celebrate along with us, please click here – we’d love to know if you have any songs that remind you of Wildwood!