Who doesn’t love a cocktail? Definitely, no one at Wildwood at any rate. We had a great night earlier this month, making cocktails and, of course, trying a few.

The team headed to Mungo’s in Horsham to hone our skills in the cocktail making department and celebrate our 25th anniversary. We all had a go and created two drinks – a long island ice tea and a watermelon passion. Some were stronger than the others and it was interesting to see how long people thought a second was when pouring alcohol into a glass.

There was bit of flair going on as well with Oli believing height was the key to creating the best cocktail. We didn’t vote on who had the best skills but we all had a great time….next up, our very own Wildwood cocktail to celebrate our 25th. Any ideas?

Take a look at our gallery to see our cocktail making skills in action