By Lorraine Nugent

We are in full swing with our 25th anniversary celebrations and, as part of our event programme, we recently entered the Gatwick Diamond Business (GDB) Charity Challenge. The aim of the event was to help raise much needed funds for the 16 charity member organisations of GDB. The event took place at Bowles Rocks near Tunbridge Wells.

A team of eight of us took part competing against 10 other GDB member organisations in a variety of team building activities.

The team were tasked with a range of activities through the day including orienteering, archery, a leap of faith (climbing to the very top of a telegraph pole and then throwing oneself to a swinging trapeze), a spider web exercise and sliding down the Bowles ski slope on a very small, tray sized sledge and at the same time getting soaked from a water spay.

We thoroughly enjoyed all the activities during the event, with the ‘spiders web’ challenge being deemed Wildwood’s favourite activity of the day. Much fun and laughter were had whilst completing this challenge, that involved lifting and carrying each team member through either very high or very small spider web type holes!